21 Day Online Meditation

Search the darkness don’t run from it. Night travelers are full of light,

and you are, too; Be a wakeful candle in a golden dish.

 - Rumi


The Journey Begins December 11 - 31, 2020

I invite you to join me on this 21 day meditation journey, as we near the darkest days of the year, moving through the winter solstice and the New Moon, to increase our inner light and illuminate the gifts that are held in the sanctuary of the darkness to assist us in entering the new year in full awareness, consciousness, grace and light.

Each day you will receive a new recorded meditation that you can do at your own convenience from the comfort of wherever you find yourself during these times. We will explore guided meditation, breathing techniques, mantra and introspective offerings to deepen our awareness and support our inner light. You are invited to join the private facebook community if you wish to be connected with others within the community to share insights, experiences and feel connected as we journey together.

It is advisable to have a journal exclusive for this experience, with a special pen or pencil that you will use as well. When we enter into the process intentionally, choosing it to be a sacred experience, then it IS a sacred experience. This offering includes:

* Daily Meditation Recordings

* Daily Introspection Offerings

* Private Facebook Group for Sharing

This experience is offered at a variable rate to allow all to participate during these uncertain times, please choose the option that supports you best and allows for a loving exchange of energy. After choosing your option you are in the 21 day meditation community and will begin receiving your daily emails and fb messages one

        Feeling Abundant                         All is Well                              Getting By                        Feeling the Pressure