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Healing Services


Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Healing is a wonderful, feel good way to release stress and tension, to allow all of the cells in the body to harmonize and to soften and enter into deeper states of restorative relaxation as vibrations swirl around and inside of the body. Some benefits of Sound Healing range from reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduction and release in physical pain symptoms, balancing mood swings and chakras, improved mental clarity, sense of inner peace to increased energy levels. One client said "It felt like a shower on the inside".   Each of us will respond differently to the process, but it would seem that each of us will get exactly what we need.

Longer sessions can incorporate Reiki, infrared heat, and shamanic techniques.

$100 - 60 Minute Session

$150 - 90 Minute Session

Please specify best appointment time/day options when sending "book session" message with any additional information.


Cupping Sessions

Cupping sessions are offered both in massage style and static method. Cupping is used in the treatment of many types of muscle tensions such as neck, shoulder and lower back pain, tight trapezius muscles, spinal congestion, and plantar fasciitis. The negative pressure from the suction allows new blood to flow into that area of tissue with several benefits, such as allowing a feeling of relief from physical and emotional tensions, begins the healing and regeneration process, speeds up muscle  recovery,  the  exchange of  blood allows the removal of toxins and  dead cells, enhances circulation, softens tissues to regain elasticity and reduce inflammation.

Longer sessions can incorporate Sound bowls, tuning forks and infrared heat.

$40 - 30 Minute Session

$80 - 60 Minute Session

Please specify best appointment time/day options when sending "book session" message with any additional information.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki promotes the reduction of stress and increased relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities, waking up the immune system.  Our system will naturally move toward wellness unless something gets in the way or becomes an obstruction. Reiki is one way to assist the body in releasing emotional, mental and energetic blocks, which over time can lead to dis-ease.  Reiki sessions leave clients feeling deeply peaceful and relaxed, lighter and more energetic and as if they have let something go. I incorporate sound, heat, and various healing tools in sessions as I find necessary. Often insights come during the session that further assist clients with clarity as to how and why energy has become stagnant in the body as well as how they can go forward with more awareness and maintain balance.


$100 - 60 Minute Session

$150 - 90 Minute Session

Please specify best appointment time/day options when sending "book session" message with any additional information.


Home & Business Clearing

We have all entered a room and noticed that something didn't feel right, even if we didn't understand what it was that felt off to us. ​ In fact, we are influenced more than we know by the energy in the spaces that we are in. The energy in these spaces are a collection of energy of those that have been there before you, as well as recently.  Each argument, angry conversation, trauma or negative situation that has occured is energetically recorded in the space if it has not been cleared. 

A space clearing releases stagnant or stressed energy from the environment, and allows the natural, healthy, vibrant flow of nourishing life-force energy throughout your space, that supports your innate joy and success in life.  When negative energy remains stagnant in your home or office, you can feel drained, stressed out, or stuck and lacking direction in life.


In the words of Jean Haner, "There can be thick layers of energetic “house dust” from previous occupants that remain and affect how you feel there. And your own stress could have built up like invisible clutter as well.  A clearing for your home or office can give you more energy, release what’s been keeping you stuck, and create new possibilities in all areas of your life.

A space clearing can be a beautiful and special experience, as the energy transforms around you and you feel everything coming into balance.  It's a wonderful way to start with a clean energetic slate and no longer be affected by energetic residue.

$150 Up to 1,000 sf

$250 Between 1,000 sf and 2,000 sf

$350 Between 2,000 sf and 3,000 sf

$450 Between 3,000 sf and 4,000 sf

$550 Between 5,000 sf and 6,000 sf



Please specify best appointment time/day options when sending "book now" message with any additional information.

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Private & Group Ceremonies

Somehow, over time, we seem to have lost and neglected space in our lives for ceremony.  What I have found, in performing and participating in ceremony over the years, is that people are hungry for it.  I remember the first time I stepped into sacred circle for ceremony and the profound impact it had on me.  I was intrigued with the deep sense of spirit that each of us connected with and the transformational feeling of the evening stayed with me for some time.  It sparked my passion for creating Sacred Ceremony for events and moments in our lives that we wish to give the significance and honor they deserve. 

I will guide you as we co-create and customize a magnificent ceremony, whether it is an intimate time for yourself or a larger event with friends or family.  I am honored to create an experience that beautifully supports and honors your treasured moments in a way that uniquely celebrates you.

Elements that can be incorporated in your event:

Fire Ceremony


Yoga Nidra 


Breath ceremony

Full or partial sound bath




Mantra/chanting (sacred sound)

Guided meditation and journaling

Vision boards

Price varies Depending on duration of event, elements incorporated and travel time.  


$150 Base Price

Additional cost for travel over 15 miles and duration more than 1-1/2 hours.

Please specify best appointment time/day options when sending "book ceremony" message with any additional information.


Emotion Code Session

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and it works by literally getting rid of our emotional baggage. 


Using muscle testing (kinesiology), we quickly identify and release hidden trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions are literally balls of energy vibrating at different frequencies that can cause depression or anxiety; they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and even disease.  Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal physically, and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to deal with.

The subconscious mind has massive control over our lives and bodies. We can discover what the body needs by asking the subconscious mind and releasing identified trapped emotions.

Making proper change in the body's energy field can create powerful physical changes.

You can choose to work on any issue, physical health,  emotional issues, lack of abundance, relationship, work issues and releasing heart walls.

Emotion Code sessions are convenient as they can be done in person or by phone or face time and take approximately 30 minutes for most clients, less for most animals.

Some issues might require more than one session to clear all trapped emotions underlying that issue.  

$60 Human session

$25 Animal session

Please specify best appointment time/day options when sending "book now" message with any additional information.

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