“Love is a river. Drink from it.”  - Rumi

I'm feelin' the magic! This energy work is really helping.  I am feeling grounded, centered and with a strange sense of conviction this week - love it, and so thankful to have these tools! - J.G.

Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. I'm still feeling through all we talked about, and imagine that will continue over the coming weeks (at least). I just really appreciate all your insight and wisdom. I plan to see you a bit more regularly throughout this year. - E.S.

Thank you for helping me find my practice again! Your classes bring me everything I want and need from a practice.  I am very grateful for the space you have created.  - O.D.

You and you alone saved my life. When I came to the studio two years ago I was lost. If I did not have the studio and my practice, I'm afraid to think where I would be. Thank you for the strength and love I have received from you to pursue my dream. - TB


I wanted to thank you again for an awesome class last night! I left your class feeling incredibly rejuvenated, balanced and nourished!  Thanks again for your wonderful instruction and imparting your tranquil and kind energy. - K.T.

I can't express how much you and your classes have meant and done for me.  The physical benefits are obvious, but it's the mental ones that are saving me.  - L.R.  


I have had an amazing weekend contemplating all you talked about on Friday. Thank you so much! So much has been revealed to me in such a short time. I stand in amazement. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and others. I look forward to continuing this journey with you! - J.L.  


Anyone that takes Dawn's class will leave inspired by her teaching, her passion for life and her compassion for all. 


I just wanted to thank you again for today, I feel amazing and I am so grateful for you! am feeling great! Not a Tylenol or any pain since our session. -J.M.

I want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful yoga session for Erica's 13th birthday!  We all loved the class, and the girls couldn't stop talking about the wishing papers.  That was a genius idea, and so sweet of you to think of - thank you!  I think that I will be making that a tradition at her birthday parties. :)  I felt so good after your class.  I love the way that you teach, and the poem that you read was a beautiful touch.  It was a very special "Zen Party" for me as well!  I love what you are doing.  - D.S.

I really wanted you to know that you made Laughing Buddha Yoga Studio amazing. It was such a peaceful, welcoming environment, and I loved attending your classes - after every class, I felt so empowered and content at the same time! - J.A.

You have such a nurturing and loving presence about you and I feel like there is so much spirit present in your class and your practice. I really feel like your gentle meditation with the yoga was a gateway for me to walk through and get in touch with my grief. So thank you.  I just thought you might want to know that when you are teaching, you are giving so much love and the meditative exercises really are reaching us and they work! You class has a powerful effect - not to mention on my body which loves it too! (mind, body, spirit) - S.B.


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Dawn Torres - Owner, RYT, Healer, Mentor

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