Why Meditation?

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The physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of meditation have been well documented for thousands of years. Scientists, philosophers, spiritualists, and religious leaders have all heralded the power of witnessing awareness. They may refer to it as deep reflection, being present, mindfulness, contemplation, prayer, meditation, or simply relaxing, but it’s all the same thing, disconnecting from the activity of the mind and drifting to the space between our thoughts.  Some of the greatest minds throughout history were meditators, such as Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, and Henry David Thoreau. The benefits of this practice are profound such as reduced blood pressure and anxiety, a feeling of increased joy and clarity, improved immune system, better sleep, and a deeper connection to higher levels of consciousness.  

“Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream” - The Beatles


Private Meditation Classes

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Perhaps the most challenging part of meditation is beginning.  Now that we know about all of these amazing benefits, how do we get in on them? What is the right type of meditation for me? Am I doing it right?  How do I make time for it in my busy life?  These are the types of questions I get asked from people thinking about meditation and those who have attempted a meditation practice but have trouble sticking with it.  The impact meditation has had on my life is why I love being of support to those seeking to begin a regular practice.  There are simple tools that we can use to begin, sustain and cultivate a beneficial and enriching meditation practice, and this is where I come in.  We meet, one on one, and create a practice that will work best for your life, personality and schedule.  We address questions as they arise during the process as you find your personal practice.  

$50 - 1 Class Introduction

$108 - 3 Class Intro Series 

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Groups or Events


Are you looking for guidance in creating a meditation practice for a small or large group?  It can be a powerful and uplifting experience to come together in a group and discover the benefits of meditation.  I offer group sessions in many different settings and adapt the classes to meet the needs of the group coming together.  If you are a part of a group or organization that you feel could benefit such a class, please message to further discuss availability and specifics as to your event.  

Group Meditation Sessions for:

Friendship circles




Special Events


Schools (Teachers/Students)

Work Place 

$100 - 1/2 Hour Group Session

$150 -  Hour Group Session with Talk 

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