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Sign o' the Times - A Messenger called COVID-19

I pulled a card from my favorite deck before meditation yesterday. It was my birthday and I was asking for guidance as to the times we are in and for the deeper meaning to be revealed to me. I pulled the Open heart card, which isn't such a surprise, given my work I suppose, but I instantly looked at it on a more global or collective scale.

I have been pondering this virus 🦠, why this? Why now? Just like an individual body, where disease comes in when the system is vulnerable and the type of disease and the part of the body it attacks tells us about what parts of our lives have been out of balance and in what ways we really need to be brought back into harmony for healing to occur. I have been asking these questions about this global issue from the perspective of some of Carolyn Myss' past teachings, that when large scale issues hit, they are a message for us to look deeper as to what is the large scale healing that is needed?

To break things down a bit, this virus has been dominantly affecting breathing, respiration, the lungs. These are an aspect energetically of the Heart chakra (Anahata). If the heart chakra is out of balance, it could mean there is an unhealed sense of grief, betrayal, deep sadness, loneliness or lost, unsure of our purpose. If the heart chakra is open and balanced, there is a beautiful feeling of love, a collective and unconditional love, a United, "we are one" kind of love, a sense of purpose and honoring of all beings. If my theory is right, it would mean that, collectively, Society's heart chakra is very out of balance, and we have all of these issues to consider to bring the world back into balance.

Haven't we all seen that this has been happening for some time now? We have watched as humans have become more disconnected, from each other and nature. So many are feeling deep loneliness and isolation, many feel betrayed by society, invisible and unloved. There is a separateness that has crept across the globe as people feel divided by color, religion, location, politics, etc. This is why the collective heart chakra is crying for healing. It has been said by spiritual leaders for some time that we are in a massive time of transition. A time in History where we are moving collectively from the energy of the 3rd chakra (solar plexus), all about fire, progress, ego, doing, creating, etc. to the energy of the heart chakra. The transition has been apparent, as more are awakening to a spiritual path, more are evolving and understanding that we are the stewards of our planet 🌎, and more are being born to create a new way of life that is more in balance, harmony, peaceful, inclusive, compassionate and understanding.

Add to this, the energetic understanding of a virus. According to "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol Truman, a viral infection represents "bitterness and ugliness overshadowing the beautiful and good in life". Just soak that in for a bit. Could we see that as a global issue? Look at the devastating addiction and homelessness issues that continue to sky rocket and our broken health care, political and school systems. Listen to the news and talk to people honestly, it would seem that for many, they see far more negative in their lives than positive.

Here’s where I think we are right now. It’s like this epic energetic battle has been building momentum (think Bhagavad Gita) for years now. The more shift that happens, the more there is resistance on the other side. Sadly, this is almost always the way of change. Those that benefit from how things currently function will vehemently fight against change, regardless of the benefit to the whole. And so it has been going on for a some time now.

So what does it take usually to create drastic change? Something big! A war of sorts or a terrible health crisis. Isn’t it true that when we think we will lose someone that we regret every terrible thought or thing we have said about them? We seem to instantly forgive and forget. The heart shifts spontaneously because we see what is of true value. The whole of the planet is now being given that opportunity to transform! Many are seeing it, they have already been awakening, and many others will be prompted by the current situation to turn inward and begin. This is an unprecedented opportunity for all beings on our planet to explore the level of their consciousness and rise up to the heart and above. If we have not opened up through the first 3 chakras, life will be filled with far more suffering than is necessary.

Where are you located? Do you know? It’s time to begin navigating life from the energy of the heart. Let compassion be the sail that moves you through life as you seek to see all others as an extension of yourself, and what if we had lived their exact life experience, how would we be? How can we extend love and peace to all beings as we go forward and together, heal the collective heart?

Blessings as we all do our best, with what we know today and seek to grow and be the best humans we can be every day.

In Grace,

Dawn 🙏🏻

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