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4 Week Beginner Meditation Series

February 3rd, 10th, 27th, 24th

Beginner Meditation Series on Zoom

4 Wednesday Evenings in February

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

7:00pm - 7:40pm

$40 Investment

Zoom link provided after registration and payment received.

Just 40 minutes, one night a week, to start a practice that can change the rest of your life! Any area of our lives that feel off can change when we start creating a clear and calm mind landscape to perceive it through. Breathing practices, Meditation Techniques, Benefits of Meditation, Problem Solving, Group Practice


If you’ve been curious about meditation but feel lost about where to begin - I’ve got you.

If you have tried meditation but just can’t seem to get it or feel you’re doing something wrong - I’ve got you.

If you meditate sometimes, on and off, but struggle to stick with it, lacking consistency - I’ve got you.

If you have a meditation practice but would like to practice in community - I’ve got you.

If you have a practice but are curious about different methods that might serve you- I’ve got you.

Our natural state of being is joy, and when we are not in alignment with that natural state we experience feelings that are counter to joy. So what disturbs our natural state? Our minds, thoughts that are not in alignment with truth, that then cause feelings that are uncomfortable or bad. When the mind is disturbed much of our lives are perceived as unpleasant or difficult, we can feel that we are suffering much of the time. We tend to think that to find peace we must change our outside circumstances, but this is flawed thinking, and prolongs our pain. So, how do we calm the mind and relieve our pain so that we can feel peaceful inside and then our outer world seems to miraculously fall into place and anything that doesn’t change just doesn’t seem to bother us anymore? Meditation! Mindfulness practices are not new, they are just growing in popularity around the world because we desperately Need them! We are coming to see that how we’ve been doing things is just no longer working for us. The outside might look amazing, so why are we so miserable inside? Or, maybe the outside does reflect our inner suffering, but how do we change it?

The truth is, that to change anything, we have to change our minds. Mindfulness practices teach us that left undisciplined, the mind is like a child that’s never been given rules or guidelines, it has no idea how to soothe itself, or to know what choices will bring the results we want, and how to deal with the incessant mind chatter that can drive us crazy and make us feel terrible inside.

What better time than now, as we start this new year, to support any changes we want to make with the power of a clear, calm and undisturbed mind.

Healing Services


Emotion Code is a powerful process to identify and release trapped or unhealed emotions at the root cause of specific issues, physical or emotional. More information here.

Clearing the energy in your home or office spaces to  allow the natural flow of harmony, health and abundance into your life.  More information here.

Creating ceremonies to honor sacred events in your life. Join us in a planned future event or create something special and unique to you and your special event.  More information here.

Reiki promotes the reduction of stress and increased relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities, waking up the immune system.  Our system will naturally move toward wellness unless something gets in the way or becomes an obstruction. Reiki assists the body in releasing emotional, mental and energetic blocks, which over time can lead to dis-ease.  More information here.

Sound Healing is a wonderful, feel good way to release stress and tension, to allow all of the cells in the body to harmonize and enter into deeper states of relaxation.  The vibrations are healing to all systems and aspects of our being, Body, Mind and Spirit, leaving you feeling deeply nourished and restored. More information here.


Cupping sessions are offered both in massage style and static method. The negative pressure from the suction allows new blood to flow into the area, allowing relief, healing and regeneration to begin,  speeding up muscle  recovery, allowing the removal of toxins and reduces inflammation. More information here.


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